The most common multi-monitor problems and how to fix them

It is always recommended to use the drivers listed at Acer website. You may also right click the Nvidia display adapter in device manager and check for updates. Hope you can help me here I have installed Windows 10 today.

Hope by following either of the steps explained in this post; you will be able to download and update the Acer WiFi driver. In case you have any suggestions or questions, do leave the same in the comments section. By visiting the manufacturer’s site, one can easily download driver updates.

USB™ 3.0 Mini Ultra Station

The core drivers are created by your device manufacturer and provided by Microsoft after they go through Microsoft’s Windows Hardware Quality Labs testing to ensure they’re stable. If you don’t have the time, patience or computer skills to update the drivers manually, you can do it automatically withDriver Easy. The Lenovo Legion 5i Pro is a gaming laptop that gets a lot of things right. The laptop offers a powerful set of specs, including the 12th Gen Intel Core-i9 CPU combined with the power of RTX 30-series GPU.

  • If an update is available, it will be downloaded along with Windows 11 updates.
  • The fans are too loud for users to be able to enjoy a gaming experience without a headset.
  • If your Acer laptop can connect to Wi-Fi, the antivirus application is not allowing the connection to be established.
  • Your method does not work as you need to be able to access internet.

The Lenovo Legion 5i Pro serves to be a good 2022 refresh of the ever popular gaming laptop series. With solid specs and performance across the board, this is a gaming laptop that takes your money and gives it back and then some. While the weight and brick charger might be something you won’t like, that’s the tradeoff for performance as good as this. If you decide to get yourself a Legion 5i Pro, do yourself a favor and customize it according to your preferences to get that perfect combo. And that wraps up my review of the Legion 5i Pro. Do you think this 2022 upgrade is worth a buy?

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You might already know that there are certain functions and special keyboard shortcuts that we can use for different purposes. Did you get an Acer laptop black screen and the display is not responding anymore? Learn how to fix the Acer black screen of death in 8 ways in this guide. As I already mentioned, and the screen capture indicates, I have tried to turn on memory integrity as you mentioned and clicked on review incompatible drivers. Troubleshooting Windows can be a complex process due to the many different drivers, settings, and programs interacting simultaneously.

Problem with AMD Radeon Software (everytime!) “PA-300”

To do that, open up Device Manager by clicking on the Windows keyand R at the same time and typing in devmgmt.msc. Some third party sites have access to even newer drivers. One good and reputable site is LaptopVideo2Go for anything to do with GPUs, sound, network, and chipset drivers. While a bit geeky , you often find drivers just a few days old. On the hardware maker’s site — here, Intel’s Drivers Site — find the latest version for your device.

Recover deleted or lost files from the computer, USB hard drive, memory cards, cameras effectively, safely, and completely. Now, you can just go to the website of Acer or the motherboard company to download the updated BIOS version on your computer. You would have to unzip the downloaded file on your computer. As the System Information window will be opened, check and note the present BIOS version that is installed on your computer. Afterward, you can follow a simple click-through process to install Download Here the graphic drivers and go to the Device Manager to access it. And about installing, just follow the provided steps during installations.


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